Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Barcelona 2013 / Call for Submissions.

Urban Sketchers is excited to announce a “Call for Submissions of Workshop Proposals” to anyone interested in teaching at the 4th International Urban Sketching Symposium, to be held at Barcelona in the Summer of 2013.

Due Date for Submissions: December 15th, 2012.

Selection process*
The proposals will be reviewed by the Urban Sketchers Workshop Program Committee, which includes Matthew Brehm, Gabi Campanario, Orling Domínguez, Virginia Hein, Veronica Lawlor, Fred Lynch, Melanie Reim, Swasky and Gail Wong. Selected proposals will be announced in January. 

The Symposium organization will pay for travel and four nights of accommodation for the selected instructors. Local instructors who will not need to travel will receive an honorarium.

Workshop Proposal Form: The “Workshop Proposal Form” needs to be fill out completely and sent to Orling Domínguez at before December 15th, 2012. Click here to view and download the "Workshop Proposal Form".

For more info you can contact:
Workshop Program Coordinator

*Workshops Committee members  interested in submitting proposals will abstain themselves from evaluating and voting when their proposals are being reviewed.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sketching in Naples: photos

Urban Sketchers Workshop a Napoli

 Naples USK Workshop has been a great experience. We had fun drawing, talking and walking throught the streets of this amazing city. Lots of discoveries, also for me that I have been living here for twenty years already. I'm already sure we'll organize another edition next year.  Franco Lancio made the souvenir above for us on last day - unfortunately some participants where already left, but as you see there was a nice mix of sketchers.
Watch this slideshow to get the feeling of these four days. I will add more notes under photos in the following days, before Volterra's Workshop, where there are still some spots available.

Friday, May 4, 2012

III° Sketching Workshop in Tuscany: fragments of Volterra

drawing by Franco Lancio, 2011

Volterra, June  9 / 12 
In this sketching workshop participants will be guided to discover the small medioeval town of Volterra and beautiful Tuscan landscape, by Simo Capecchi and Caroline Peyron.
Villa Le Guadalupe, our hosting institution for this third workshop edition, it is a XIX° villa covered with original frescos, located on the hills that face Cecina Valley.

Dealing with the artistic heritage of the city, we will sketch fragments of statues in Museo Guarnacci, one of the best Etruscan museums of Italy and draw in the area of Teatro Romano. Villa Le Guadalupe with its fascinating interior and surroundings will host us for pleasant dinners in the garden and sketching sessions. Participants will be encouraged to reinterpret reality and historical remains in a personal way. The addition of texts and annotations on the page will complete our sketched reportages with a narrative value. Each level of drawing experience is welcome.

Volterra from Villa Le Guadalupe by Simo Capecchi
Trees by Caroline Peyron


* See participants drawings and photos from 2010 and 2011 workshops editions.
** Read what participants Teri Nye and Fiona Mills wrote about their Volterra's workshop experience.

Workshop Schedule
Saturday June 9
4 p.m. - 6 p.m. workshop starts with an open Sketchcrawl in Volterra
6.30 pm. public exhibition of sketchbooks and workshop introduction in Sala Docciola
8 p.m. - dinner at Villa Le Guadalupe  
Sunday June 10
10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Fragments in Villa le Guadalupe’s garden
2 p.m. lunch at Villa le Guadalupe
4 p.m. - 7 p.m. Panoramas in Villa le Guadalupe
8 p.m. - dinner at Villa Le Guadalupe
Monday June 11
10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Fragments in Teatro Romano
2 p.m. lunch by your own
4 p.m. - 7 p.m. Panoramas in Badia Camaldolese
8 p.m./ dinner at Villa Le Guadalupe
Tuesday June 12
10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Fragments in Museo Etrusco
2 p.m. lunch in Villa Le Guadalupe
4 p.m. - 6 p.m. Panoramas from Parco Fiumi
6.30 pm. public exhibition of workshop results in Sala Docciola
8 p.m./ dinner at Villa Le Guadalupe End of Workshop
*workshop map coming soon

Workshop Registration
300 EUR
18 hours lessons, 6 meals in Villa Le Guadalupe (4 dinners + 2 lunches), transportation between Volterra and the Villa plus a Moleskine sketchbook are included.
Application + info

Hosting institution
Le GUADALUPE spazio per le arti is an association dedicated to arts by germans dramaturgs Wolfgang Storch and Klaudia Ruschkowski that hosts workshops in arts, theatre, design and music, with an international program. Le Guadalupe is located in a XIX° century villa on the southern hills of Volterra that belonged to alabaster artists, brothers Tangassi. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden with a view on Cecina valley.
Lodging in Villa Le Guadalupe
3 double rooms are available to sleep inside the villa at 40-50 euro/x night, included breakfast x 2 persons, shared bathroom. Ask for more info.
Workshop MAP

Participants Maximum 20 (minimum 10)
Languages Italian, English, French
Sponsor Moleskine

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Portland OR Weekend Workshop: Aug 3.4.5 - 2012

An workshop with Marc Taro Holmes and Shari Blaukopf

August 3rd, 4th, 5th, 2012,  9:00am - 4:30pm daily

Join Urban Sketchers Montreal founding members Marc Taro Holmes and Shari Blaukopf for a weekend of drawing and painting in the streets of Portland Oregon. 

The workshop focuses on capturing the environment around you in watercolor sketches. We emphasize working quickly, and making well designed compositions that tell a story.

Our demonstrations will show how to reduce a complex scene to its essence. We’ll show the use of unified shapes, how to create a center of interest with composition, contrast and color, and at the same time preserve the whites of the paper and mix lively washes of rich color.

Students will work in small groups with each of our experienced plein air watercolorists. Over Friday and Saturday you’ll have the opportunity to paint along with four complete watercolor demonstrations of different compositions and locations.

On Sunday students can apply what they’ve learned on free sketching, with Marc and Shari giving individual assistance. At the end of the day we’ll meet to show off sketches, spend time giving critique and answering questions.

We’ll announce the specific painting locations in Portland in the next few weeks. Our goal is to plan out spots within a small walking area.

In the unlikely event of bad weather we will make arrangements for groups to work indoors. If this looks like it’s necessary we’ll announce plans in the final week before the event.

There are only 30 spaces available, so act now to book your weekend of Urban Sketching in Watercolor!

TO REGISTER: Please contact sblaukopf(at)
Fee for workshop: $300 CDN, via PayPal.

We are only able to provide refunds for cancellation up to July 13th. In the unlikely event of too few registrations (our minimum number is 16 students), all monies will be fully refunded, less minor PayPal fees.

About the instructors:

Marc Holmes and Shari Blaukopf are founding members of Urban Sketchers Montreal.


Canadian artist Marc Taro Holmes (BFA ’96) has worked as an Art Director and Conceptual Artist in feature animation and video games since 1998. He has helped design projects for companies such as Electronic Arts and Disney. Since 2010 he has been working out of his own studio in Montreal Quebec doing urban sketching, fine art and freelance concept art. Marc is a Urban board member and was a USK San Francisco blog correspondent for three years, before moving to Montreal.

Marc posts his art at:


A graphic designer, illustrator, educator and daily sketch blogger, Montreal-based Shari Blaukopf has been painting and teaching watercolor for many years. In fact, she began taking workshops at the age of 12 and has subsequently painted and drawn her way across several European countries and parts of North America. Her recent discovery of Urban Sketchers was a transformative experience, enabling her to connect with a worldwide community, discovering fresh perspectives on the urban experience and reinvigorating her work. Shari helped establish Urban Sketchers Montreal, and is an active participant in the USK Flickr group.

Shari posts art daily at:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A sketchwalk in Naples

A video made during the last sketchwalk that I organized in Naples with some friends, following the steps of the British painter Thomas Jones. Even if in italian, it can give you an idea of the city and of some location we'll explore in our next neapoletan workshop. This city is unpredictable. Walking and sketching, you always descover something.

*I got the frame idea from Catarina França and Luis Ança at Lisbon Symposium, where they gave one to each participant of Pessoas village workshop.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Workshop in NAPLES: fragments, stories and panoramas

graphic by Franco Lancio.
Panoramas, Fragments and stories of Naples will be the first italian Urban Sketchers Workshop, from next May 24 to 27. Simo Capecchi, Caroline Peyron and Laura Scarpa will lead four days of walking and drawing to discover the complexity of Naples by three different approaches to urban sketching.

Field sessions will be leaded in turn by Simonetta - an architect who likes to paint, Laura - a comic artist who has always kept a graphic diary and Caroline - an artist who reinterprets reality and historical remains in a very personal way. With Simo Capecchi we'll enjoy a broad view on the city skyline drawing panoramas, trying to update last century Grand Tour paintings of Naples. With Laura Scarpa we'll be sketching details of cahotic urban life and focus on the storytelling value of drawing. Finally with Caroline Peyron we'll deal with the artistic heritage of the city, like fragments of ancient sculptures in the Archaeological Museum of Naples, one of the most important in Italy.

Panoramas with Simo Capecchi:
"From the top of the hills or from winding seafront promenade, Naples offers a lot of great veiws. There is a long tradition of painted panoramas of Naples that interrupted almost a century ago. It's time to update the image of this city introducing in its skyline all the signs that represents the city nowadays".

Stories with Laura Scarpa:
"Cities are stories, made by people but also made by signs left on the streets. Contemporary stories or stories from the past. Words or traces on walls, objects, faces, gestures. Standing in a cafè, in a market or by a street corner we can capture fragments of life and report them on our sketchbook. A city like Naples is full of stories that deserve to be discovered and told".

Fragments with Caroline Peyron:
"Ancient statues are fascinating for us today also because they are incomplete, because they are fragmented. What is missing allows the mind to integrate and elaborate. The allusion is stronger than naturalism - and this is what differentiates eroticism from pornography. Drawing interrupted lines let us free, portends what is not there. We will draw in the Archaeological Museum searching for significant voids".

Workshop Schedule*:
Thursday, May 24
16/19 reception and introduction at Riot Studio
Friday, May 25
10/13 Stories with Laura Scarpa
16/19 Panoramas with Simo Capecchi
Saturday, May 26
10/13 Stories with Laura Scarpa
16/19 Panoramas with Simo Capecchi
Sunday, May 27
10/13 Fragments with Caroline Peyron
16/20 open Portrait Party and public exhibition of workshop's sketchbooks at Riot Studio
*Three instructors will participate to each field session.

Hosting institution: RIOT Studio is a space and an association dedicated to creativity, research and innovation that is both working space and exhibition space for events/workshops in art, cinema, design, music, new media with an international program and context. RIOT is located in Palazzo Marigliano, an historical building of Spaccanapoli street, with ancient frescos and a beautiful roof garden.

Registration fee: 150 EUR
Number of participants: max 30 participants (min. 12).
Sponsor: sketchbooks donated by Moleskine
Languages: English, French, Italian

WORKSHOP MAP with field sessions & B&B + hotels.

INFO: to apply and to have assistance to find accommodation in Naples (*you may offer a home exchange with some of our neapolitan friends) and any other infos please email to simo.capecchi(at)

*We suggest you apply early as May is the "Monuments Month" in Naples, quite a touristic period.

**In italiano: In viaggio col Taccuino
***See Naples in a video made during a recent sketchwalk organized by Simo Capecchi.

Meet the instructors:
Simo Capecchi
Laura Scarpa
Caroline Peyron

Meet the instructor: Caroline Peyron

Caroline Peyron is a french artist living in Naples since thirty years. Solo exhibitions of her works has been held in Naples main cultural institutions as the Grenoble Institute Francaise, the Biblioteca Nazionale, Castelnuovo municipal museum, Museo Archeologico Nazionale. Her last exhibits has been held in Rome at Istituto Centrale per la Grafica (IsteroGrafia, 2013) and in Naples at Museo e Certosa di San Martino (Cielo, 2015).

Caroline has been an art teacher and has held workshops for private schools and public institutions for over twenty years now. She holds art classes with children, adolescents and adults for cultural institutions like Museo di Capodimonte and Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Naples.
With Simo Capecchi she exhibited altered books: Libri Artefatti, was in L'Aquila with Una carriola di Disegni, organized the 3 MUSEI sketchwalk and since 2012 has held many workshops of Urban Sketching and live sketching.
Watch a live performance of Caroline and flip through her artist books on Vimeo.

"Over time I realized that all my passions" - says Caroline - "when not transmitted to others, are missing something. The only way to feed and enrich my creativity is to share it and the best way to do it is by teaching. I hold art classes in museums and schools, with adults and children and I have always learned something. It has been an impressive experience to draw together as a protest in L'Aquila last year in the middle of rubbles. I would be glad now to meet another group of urban sketchers and introduce them to a city that never ends to inspire me".

Meet the instructor: Laura Scarpa

Laura Scarpa is a comic artist born in Venice and based in Rome who balance between comics, children's illustration, writing and editing.
She has published in numerous magazines and comic books, has written and illustrated stories for children and adults, curated many comic's magazines like Scuola di Fumetto and Animals and published books like L'arte della sceneggiatura (The Art of Screenwriting), and Caffè a Colazione, a collection of images from her sketchbooks.
Laura holds workshops and conducts courses since more than ten years for schools like IED, organise online comics courses like Scuola di Fumetto and she is president of ComicOut, a non-profit cultural association dedicated to comics.


"First of all we draw for ourself" - says Laura - "but then, we do it for communicate with others. Teaching is a natural consequence of this experience, where not only we share drawings but we enrich our knowledge. Teaching comics, that I have done for so many year, might not be so different than to lead a skeching group and to draw together. Other people's drawings get into ours drawings - this is the reason why we all share our work online! Being an urban sketchers instructor I will finally experience from real the sketchers network I belong online".

Thursday, February 2, 2012

desenhos por Lisete Fernandez_"COSÍ VICINO_assim perto"_Praça Camões_Lisboa

1. Apanhado geral do local – praça Camões

Um grupos de desenhadores, munidos dos respetivos diários gráficos, encontraram-se às 9 horas, sábado, 14 fev/12, na Praça Camões em Lisboa.

O casal Claúdio Patané e Maria Coppolino, ambos arquitetos, estavam presentes. Ele como coordenador da atividade do workshop, coadjuvado com a simpática e prestável Maria.

A tarefa dos presentes seria desenhar a praça e o meio envolvente.

Após informação prévia das ferramentas necessárias e do programa, foi distribuído um “desenho panorâmico urbano” de “cosi vicino_ assim perto” da praça Camões, registo esse feito pelo próprio coordenador, onde simultaneamente abordava as indicações desde o princípio (um breve historial do arqº. Alemão Karl Schinkel no seu tour na Itália em 1804) até ao fim do episódio de sábado (com relevante maneira de representação no final, a 360º, isto é, em que os intervenientes deixariam expostos os seus cadernos para apreciação de todos os presentes.)

Como nota preliminar, escutamos com atenção às orientações do coordenador no que se referia aos conceitos fundamentais da perspetiva, das componentes necessárias no traçado relativo ao cenário urbano predefinido, versando num olhar a 360º na panorâmica daquele local lisboeta. Como pormenor relevante, a diretriz seria endereçada para uma visualização “mais de perto do desenhador”.

Segue-se o segundo trabalho

2. Apenas um registo gráfico – simples estudo
Ficou muito a desejar, razão porque teria de recomeçar tudo de novo mais uma vez….

É assim que se aprende….

Finalmente, aqui vai o terceiro desenho que não sendo os únicos serão os mais importantes daquele dia.

3. Uma outra panorâmica da praça Camões
Pessoalmente, fui contemplada com uma explicação muito apreciável sobre os aspetos considerados marcantes do traçado: linguagem da perspetiva, da medição, das proporções, das linhas, das cores, texturas e demais outros elementos visuais intervenientes no traçado. Escutei com atenção e apreciei as observações e os registos que me foram dados, com exemplar paciência, pelo coordenador. Sei que o meu registo aqui exposto tem muito a melhorar. Mas procurarei ter em conta, nos trabalhos futuros, os erros cometidos. Muito obrigada Maria e Cláudio pela ditosa oportunidade de poder saber mais bem como o resto de tudo que se traduziu em satisfação, alegria (e porque não?) poesia conforme foi posteriormente Pessoa referido.

Por outro lado, também não deixei de admirar os trabalhos expostos; observei o bom ambiente desta situação tendo reencontrado com uns e travado conhecimento com outras pessoas muito afáveis, compreensíveis e sabedoras. Obrigada a todos por esses momentos benéficos e salutares.

drawings by Lisete Fernandez
blog: zeta