Monday, January 16, 2012

reportage 1_WORKSHOP_Lisbon Panoramas: Sketching wide-angle scenes from near_"COSÌ VICINO_assim perto"

20120114_Praça Camões_Lisbon (9.00 am - 17.00 pm)

the last session of the workshop the drawing of "panorama" is over...
Was a fantastic day, full of drawings, in one of the most beautiful squares of Europe...Praça Camões in Lisbon.
With the disposal of the participants around the statue of the poet Luís Camões, we were able a panorama of 360°, this wonderful urban scene!
A workshop was not only drawing, but also a performative experience....
The works produced were very excellent!!!!


Maria Fernanda da Silva Lamelas
Pedro Loureiro
Mário Linhares
Ketta Linhares
Manuela Rolão
Rosário Félix
Marta Teives
Jeanne Waltz
Jose Perico
Lisete F. Fernandes
Maria Celeste Aguiar Canongia Lopes
Vanessa Marques
Ângela Maria Rodrigues Piedade
Pedro Albuquerque
Regina Rocha
Magda Pedrosa
Joana Fialho
Joana Nunes Luis Paiva Caramona
Ana Catarina Hagatong
Paula Xavier Fernandes

instructor: claudio patanè
photo report: Mari
a Coppolino

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