Saturday, March 24, 2012

Workshop in NAPLES: fragments, stories and panoramas

graphic by Franco Lancio.
Panoramas, Fragments and stories of Naples will be the first italian Urban Sketchers Workshop, from next May 24 to 27. Simo Capecchi, Caroline Peyron and Laura Scarpa will lead four days of walking and drawing to discover the complexity of Naples by three different approaches to urban sketching.

Field sessions will be leaded in turn by Simonetta - an architect who likes to paint, Laura - a comic artist who has always kept a graphic diary and Caroline - an artist who reinterprets reality and historical remains in a very personal way. With Simo Capecchi we'll enjoy a broad view on the city skyline drawing panoramas, trying to update last century Grand Tour paintings of Naples. With Laura Scarpa we'll be sketching details of cahotic urban life and focus on the storytelling value of drawing. Finally with Caroline Peyron we'll deal with the artistic heritage of the city, like fragments of ancient sculptures in the Archaeological Museum of Naples, one of the most important in Italy.

Panoramas with Simo Capecchi:
"From the top of the hills or from winding seafront promenade, Naples offers a lot of great veiws. There is a long tradition of painted panoramas of Naples that interrupted almost a century ago. It's time to update the image of this city introducing in its skyline all the signs that represents the city nowadays".

Stories with Laura Scarpa:
"Cities are stories, made by people but also made by signs left on the streets. Contemporary stories or stories from the past. Words or traces on walls, objects, faces, gestures. Standing in a cafè, in a market or by a street corner we can capture fragments of life and report them on our sketchbook. A city like Naples is full of stories that deserve to be discovered and told".

Fragments with Caroline Peyron:
"Ancient statues are fascinating for us today also because they are incomplete, because they are fragmented. What is missing allows the mind to integrate and elaborate. The allusion is stronger than naturalism - and this is what differentiates eroticism from pornography. Drawing interrupted lines let us free, portends what is not there. We will draw in the Archaeological Museum searching for significant voids".

Workshop Schedule*:
Thursday, May 24
16/19 reception and introduction at Riot Studio
Friday, May 25
10/13 Stories with Laura Scarpa
16/19 Panoramas with Simo Capecchi
Saturday, May 26
10/13 Stories with Laura Scarpa
16/19 Panoramas with Simo Capecchi
Sunday, May 27
10/13 Fragments with Caroline Peyron
16/20 open Portrait Party and public exhibition of workshop's sketchbooks at Riot Studio
*Three instructors will participate to each field session.

Hosting institution: RIOT Studio is a space and an association dedicated to creativity, research and innovation that is both working space and exhibition space for events/workshops in art, cinema, design, music, new media with an international program and context. RIOT is located in Palazzo Marigliano, an historical building of Spaccanapoli street, with ancient frescos and a beautiful roof garden.

Registration fee: 150 EUR
Number of participants: max 30 participants (min. 12).
Sponsor: sketchbooks donated by Moleskine
Languages: English, French, Italian

WORKSHOP MAP with field sessions & B&B + hotels.

INFO: to apply and to have assistance to find accommodation in Naples (*you may offer a home exchange with some of our neapolitan friends) and any other infos please email to simo.capecchi(at)

*We suggest you apply early as May is the "Monuments Month" in Naples, quite a touristic period.

**In italiano: In viaggio col Taccuino
***See Naples in a video made during a recent sketchwalk organized by Simo Capecchi.

Meet the instructors:
Simo Capecchi
Laura Scarpa
Caroline Peyron


  1. Looks fantastic Simo! Good luck with the workshop!

  2. Thanks, hope we'll inspire even sketchers scared from Naples bad reputation, as the city is beautiful and it is such a pleasure to draw it!

  3. I love napoli, I would be there with you, if I only could. Good luck,

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