Sunday, December 1, 2013

Good Bones Workshop in Seattle WA USA

A USk architectural perspective sketching workshop in 3 parts, 
with award-winning Seattle Urban Sketcher Stephanie Bower

Good Bones 1 – Saturday, February 1:  Perspective
Good Bones 2 – Saturday, February 15:  Perspective + Line and Tone
Good Bones 3 – Saturday, March 1:  Perspective + Line and Tone + Watercolor

at Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington USA

Workshop description:
Good Bones are essential to good sketches!  In a series of three Saturday classes, we’ll cover how to set up the bones of an great architectural sketch, starting with a thorough understanding of architectural perspective, followed by using effective line and tone, and finishing up with an intro to watercolor tools and techniques.  Sign up for one or for all three.

Learning goals:
This workshop will be a true instructional class, based on how I learned to draw in architecture school and how I have taught drawing for many years.

Held at the iconic Pike Place Market--the heart of Seattle--we’ll work inside in the morning in the Goodwin Library meeting room, learning perspective basics by sketching from projected images of buildings and spaces around the world.  In the afternoon, we’ll transition to sketching perspective in the field, to capture the vibrant life and color of the market.

Good Bones 1, February 1:  Perspective
--learn how to construct an architectural perspective sketch, how to start, how to build the sketch
--learn how to really understand and use perspective accurately and effectively
--learn how to see proportions and relationships of spatial elements

Good Bones 2, February 15:  Perspective + Line and Tone
--review of perspective
--learn how to use line and tone effectively, shade and shadow, 5 minute people/trees/cars

Good Bones 3, March 1:  Perspective + Line and Tone + Watercolor
--review of perspective, line + tone
--introduction to watercolor tools and techniques

Workshop Instructor:
Honored with the 2013 and 2012 KRob for Best Travel Sketch and the 2013 Gabriel Prize fellowship for 3 months in France, STEPHANIE BOWER is a Seattle-based architectural illustrator, teacher, watercolorist, and traveling Urban Sketcher.

Stephanie graduated in both Architecture and Interior Design and worked as a licensed Architect in New York City before gravitating to architectural illustration. She has taught architectural sketching for over 20 years, both in NYC at Parsons and in Seattle at UW and Cornish College of the Arts, where she currently teaches Drawing Space. Stephanie recently qualified to be signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society.          
            Architectural Illustration Website:

This sketch of the Paris Hôtel de Ville was honored with the 
2013 KRob award for Best Professional Travel Sketch.
Drawn on site at Fatehpur Sikri, near Agra, India, this was 
awarded the 2012 KRob for Best Professional Travel Sketch.
Workshop Schedule: 
            Morning INDOOR SKETCHING (winter in Seattle!)
            8:30 arrive at the Goodwin Library in Pike Place Market, coffee from the original Starbucks
            9:00-12:30 instruction and sketching
            12:30-1:30 lunch break in The Market, sketching
            Afternoon OUTDOOR FIELD SKETCHING
            1:30-2:30 sketch together as a group
            2:30-4:00 sketch on your own or together, with assistance from instructor
            4:00-5:00 assemble for final crit and review

Supply list: 
Instructor will email supply list to registered participants.

Workshop fee:
One workshop, $80
All three workshops, $220
Payable in full by check to “Stephanie Bower” one-month prior to workshop
(January 1, January 15, February 1).

Contact Stephanie ASAP at to reserve a spot.  Wait list will be created.

Cancellation policy:
In the unforeseen event a workshop is cancelled, all fees will be reimbursed.

Maximum number of participants:
12, any level of experience, but targeted to beginners and sketchers who want to improve their understanding and use of perspective.

Sample Sketches:
to see many more examples of Stephanie's work, go to for illustrations and links.

Thanks to Urban Sketchers for this support!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Call for Submissions for Symposium Programming!

Nov. 23, 2013

Call for Submissions for Symposium Programming
We have a city: Paraty, Brazil. We have dates: August 27-30, 2014. Now it’s time to create programming for the 5th International Urban Sketching Symposium! To do that we need YOU, urban sketchers of the world, to submit proposals for workshops and extra activities before December 20, 2013.

Teach a Sketching Workshop
These are the workshops that have been a mainstay of past Symposiums. You can see some samples here.

In previous years we offered 3-hour workshops in the morning and the afternoon. This year we are tentatively planning for 3.5-hour workshops during the morning only, with other programming in the afternoons.

Selected proposals will be announced in January.

Compensation: If your workshop proposal is selected, the Symposium organization pays for airfare and five nights of accommodation. Local instructors who will not need to travel will receive an honorarium.

In addition to the workshops, we are planning to offer a diversity of other programming in Paraty. What could you propose? Here are some ideas:

Lead a Sketchcrawl
Organize a "follow me" sketchcrawl in Paraty. People will draw where you lead them and rely on you for tips to become better urban sketchers. This is your opportunity to earn some cred and promote your work! We are looking for sketchers with previous experience organizing sketchcrawls.

Give a Lecture
Enlighten participants with a sketching-related talk. Whether it is about your own sketching, or the findings of your research on 19th century artists reporters, we want to learn from you!

Do a Demonstration
Show us how you do your magic! What can you show other sketchers that will inspire us while promoting your work?

Surprise Us With Something We Haven’t Thought Of!
Do you have another activity idea that can take place over a few afternoon hours? Yoga for sketchers? How to find the best fire hydrants for sketching? Tell us how you can catch the sketchers’ attention and passion with something different from a workshop.
Compensation: If you are selected for an extra activity as mentioned above, you will receive free registration for the Symposium.

Some details to keep in mind while designing your proposal:
  • We recommend you to get to know Paraty’s possible workshop locations before you create your proposal, in order to match your workshop theme with the city’s environment. Click here to view photos of the locations posted in our Facebook page.
  • You can propose a workshop for a general location or for a specific spot.
  • You should keep in mind that workshop locations are subject to change and the Workshop committee reserves the right to make the best arrangements / combinations of workshops and locations.
  • Keep in mind the weather: "Dry season (May through September) - The average temperature in Paraty during these months ranges between 17 and 25 °C (62.6-77 °F). We recommend bringing a light sweater for the evenings and chilly nights, as well as sunglasses, a cap or hat, and shorts for the hot days."


All proposals must be emailed to
If you are proposing a workshop, you must use this form and include sample sketches..


All proposals are due by Friday, December 20, 2013 (11:59 p.m. EST)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuscan Landscape in Volterra, 4° edition

Volterra Urban Sketchers Workshop 2013

Once again we have been welcomed in villa Le Guadalupe by Wolfgang Storch and Klaudia Ruschkowski during almost five days of intense workshop. We enjoyed the view, painted and sketched inside the villa, in the garden and in the fields around. We had nice conversations, shared our drawings and interests and had great dinners prepared by Klaudia in the fabulous villa's main living room. Here some photos and drawings.

What an interesting group of participants! Some talented sketchers had come from Naples, Milan, Bologna, Pisa and from Barcelona, Wolverhampton, Bremen and Moscow, to paint together and explore this beautiful Tuscan city and its landscapes.  We were glad to have three teenagers with us this time, it's great to have such a variety of ages and cultures and find out we have drawing as a common language.

Experimenting China Ink with Caroline Peyron

Thanks to all participants! And many thanks to our friends of Teatro di Nascosto that hosted the final exhibit in their space of Sala Docciola, and to MOLESKINE that once again donated the sketchbooks.

Landscape watercolors with Simo Capecchi.
Sketchbooks by Fiona Mill, Amalia Scielzo, Merce Darbra and Tina Willis-Jones

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sketching in the footsteps of Piero Della Francesca

USk workshop in toscana

An urban sketching workshop with Gérard Michel and Lapin.
October 4 - october 6, 2013
Sansepolcro, Italy
Workshop description:
Following Piero della Francesca steps, and his essay on perspective (Piero della Francesca was the first artist to write a comprehensive essay on perspective), participants will be invited to get familiar with the representation of the perspective of Renacimiento and its limits, surrounding by the inspiring classical architecture of Toscana.
Gérard Michel, a master in academic architecture, will share his unique way to understand and apply cylindrical and spherical perspective, and Lapin, illustrator, will show an alternative vision including very personal distortions. 

Learning goals:
The perspective as it’s taught since Renacimiento has always aimed to represent space on a plane surface (orthogonal space, perspective with 1, 2, or 3 vanishing points). It’s forgetting about our possibility to turn the head!
It’s far more interesting to consider that the space is a sphere around us, and so, in an orthogonal space, that’s 6 vanishing points that surrounding us.

Workshops and Instructors:
Working on extreme perspectives: cylindrical and spherical perspective with Gérard Michel.
How to fit all you see in a page, distortion and fun with Lapin.

Liège, pont de Fragnée  
Gérard Michel is Belgian, architect and architecture teacher. Drawing lover, he practices perspective in every way. for more than 20 years, he collect in his sketchbooks thousands of drawing that he is sharing for 5 years on Flickr. for the last 4 years, Gérard is the Belgium correspondent for Urban Sketchers.

palacio da monserratte  
Lapin is a french illustrator, an artist, an urban sketcher working for fashion, advertising and editorial who lives between Barcelona and Paris. Lapin can be defined as a mobile illustrator who carries his sketchbook and a compact sketching gear to the street, to a bar, to a metro, to Istanbul or Tokyo. 
Sketching is a way for him to record every second of his life and feel alive. 
Lapin already filled around 150 sketchbooks for the last 11 years and he particularly appreciates sketching on vintage accounting books that he finds in flea markets. And for Lapin a good sketchbook must contain two things ; some doodles of dinosaurs and vintage cars. 
Lapin teaches the art of "sketching" during workshops in universities and in art schools, participates exhibitions around Europe and he shares his day to day sketches on his blog.

Workshop Schedule:
The two instructors will be present full time, group will be divided in turns by the two of them, some cession will be all together.

Friday, October 4th
    9:30 to 11:00 am: workshop introduction by Gérard Michel and Lapin
    11:00 to 13:00 am: Sketching in the center of Sansepolcro
    13:30 pm: lunch
    15:00 to 18:30 pm: Sketching with Piero della Francesca (at Museo Civico and Cathedral)
    19:00 pm: Happy Hour Sketching (at K Cafè)
Saturday, October 5th
    9:00 to 13:00 am: Sketching in the historical town of Anghiari
    13:30 pm: lunch
    15:00 to 18:00 pm: Sketching the old Kentucky tobacco dryers
    21:00 pm (optional): Tasting and sketching Tuscany cigars (by Compagnia del Sigaro Toscano at Locanda Guidi)
Sunday, October 6th
    9:00 to 13:00 am: Sketching in the historical center of Sansepolcro (at the Medici’s fortress designed by Giuliano da Sangallo)
    13:30 pm: lunch
    15:00 to 17:00 pm: Sketching the alchimist lab (at Aboca Museum)
    18:00 pm: Farewell Drink (at K Cafè)

Supply list: 
Any supplies participants normally use are fine, sketchbook and loose papers included.
We'll use inkpen, coloured pencils, brush pen and watercolors.

Workshop fee:
200 €
to apply email to Fabio Piccini: piccini(at)

Maximum number of participants:
25 partecipants maximum, any level of drawing experience welcome.

Maimeri colors will provide a Watercolor kit.

Thanks to Fabio Piccini for the organisation.