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Freedom Revolution Workshop! Capture the city through its “heroes”

Saturday, April 25, 2015
The 41st Anniversary of Portugal's Carnation Revolution

Overcome the fear of sketching people, and discover fun and expressive ways of capturing the city's inhabitants in action!

The workshop will take place on April 25th, a very special date for the Portuguese people - the 41st Anniversary of Portugal's Carnation Revolution.

Special dates and celebrations are wonderful opportunities for a sketcher to capture the essence of a city.
All the streets will be decorated in special ways, but the thing that best characterizes the event, and tells the most interesting stories, will be of course the people - marching, singing, laughing, shouting, eating, drinking - celebrating their freedom!

Drawing people has always interested artists the most and been considered to be the hardest to do. Drawing people in their natural surroundings, moving, interacting, is even more challenging. People change their postures all the time, often leaving in the middle of a sketch.
So, how do we go about it?
The workshop will help the participants to overcome the fear of sketching people, and to discover fun and expressive ways of capturing the city's inhabitants in action, caught up in their daily routines. We will try to show in our sketches the city through its main heroes – people!

In two sessions through the all day (6 hours) workshop we will try to give participants the skills to approach people-sketching and urban storytelling with confidence.

The workshop will take place at very busy and full of people places in Lisbon:

Morning session (10:30-13:30):
Largo do Carmo

Afternoon session (15:00-18:00):
Terreiro do Paço

The workshop will include three exercises, each of them will begin with a discussion and quick demonstration of possible approaches.

1. Capture emotions
A series of fast sketches studying people’s faces through their emotions.

2. Capture action
A series of fast sketches capturing the figure in action, the body language.

3. Put your "heroes" into the scene
Longer sketch of people in their surroundings.

Learning goals:

  • To overcome the fear of sketching people
  • To discover fun and expressive ways of capturing the city's inhabitants in action, busy with their daily routine
  • To improve their observation ability
  • To study people's faces through their emotions
  • To capture the action, the body language
  • To learn how to find stories in everyday situations
  • To demonstrate techniques and approaches to sketching people
  • To show how composition and use of the page’s space/spread helps us to tell our story
  • To enjoy an activity that gives us the possibility to experience urban life in a very deep and authentic way

Supply list:

  • Small sketchbook with cheap paper for the two first exercises.
  • Bigger sketchbook with quality paper for the last exercise.
  • Some line-drawing tools you like - pencil, pen, marker, etc...
  • Some shape-drawing tools you like - brush marker, paint brush, crayons, etc...
  • Your favorite tools for the last exercise.
  • Good mood :) 

Registration fee

50.00 € for the all day
45€ for USk Portugal members

Payment can be via internet transfer or PayPal.
email - for the registration form

Meet the instructor

Marina Grechanik was born in Belorussia and graduated from an art academy in Minsk. She now lives in Israel and has been working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for the last 15 years. Marina regularly takes part in local art and illustration exhibitions and projects. Marina initiated the USk Israel group - regularly leading sketchcrawls and coordinating the Urban Sketchers Israel blog. She planned and instructed several urban sketching workshops for children and adults, amongst them “Urban Life” together with Ea Ejersbo at the USk symposium in Barcelona.

Sketching is one of Marina’s passions. Everywhere she travels, she takes her sketchbook along with her. But the real essence of urban sketching for her is finding stories in everyday routines, and combining sketching with daily tasks like taking care of her children, working, or running errands. “A sketchbook and a simple pen – that is all you need to go on a journey every day. Drawing is seeing, so you just need to open your eyes wider and start to sketch!”


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