Sunday, August 23, 2015

CAPTURING CHAOS: Drawing a crowd

New Workshop dates added:

Friday November 6th, 2015
Berkeley, California (exact location in the city TBD)
9:00 am to 12:30 pm
$40 per person to be sent in with a completed registration form

Saturday November 7th, 2015
Los Gatos, California (exact location in the city TBD)
9:00 am to 12:30 pm
$40 per person to be sent in with a completed registration form

To register
e-mail Suhita: suhita(at)gmail(dot)com for information and registration. (Title your email Capturing Chaos Workshop to make sure I receive it)

Workshop details
Saturday October 10th, 2015
San Francisco, California (exact location in the city TBD)
10:00 am to 1:30 pm
$40 per person to be sent in with a completed registration form

Learning Goals
- Learning to capture people in motion through quick, gestural drawing
-Capturing a complex, energy-filled crowd scene

Do you walk into busy crowded places and feel overwhelmed at the idea of drawing them? Is it hard to see where to begin a sketch of a place so full of people, movement and chaos? Do you wish you could capture the scene without being overwhelmed by it? This workshop will help you do just that by breaking down the into a series of simple steps.

We use a process of alternating between two very different modes of seeing and drawing: one more structured, the other very loose and gestural. Together, we will combine these two processes for a sketch that is loose and spontaneous and captures the energy and activity of these places without ending up as a bewildering mess.

Workshop Schedule
We will start with a discussion and an exercise in quick, gestural figure drawing from observation.

We’ll follow this up by talking about the qualities of busy places (and our location in particular) that we would like to capture and all the elements that go into making the scene.

We will then break down the busy scene before us and learn to capture it all: the people in motion, and the setting, all in one sketch. The instructor will demo each step as we move through the process, and we will gather to critique and discuss the pieces at the end of the session.

Please bring
1) A medium sized or larger sketchbook  for the final watercolor piece.

2) A book you can use to do lots of pages of quick, gestural figure drawings (can be the same book, but we will use lots of pages for this exercise so you may want to use a less expensive paper than watercolor paper)

2) Graphite pencil

3) One or two different kinds of pens for making marks: a fountain pen, a sharpie pen, a brushpen or any other kind of pen with waterproof ink

4) A small watercolor kit and brush

5) Bring a portable stool if you like, to sit on while working.

To register
e-mail Suhitasuhita(at)gmail(dot)com for information and registration. (Title your email October 10 Capturing Chaos Workshop to make sure I receive it)


  1. I would LOVE to attend this event, but I'll be teaching another workshop that day and time.... I hope Suhita offers it again. Meanwhile, I will spread the word to my students.

    1. Thanks Rhoda, happy to do a workshop in the East Bay another day if we have enough students!

    2. Please do a workshop in the East bay. :)

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  3. I'll arrive in San Francisco only in October 11! :) too late, I guess... :/

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