Friday, March 18, 2016

Exploring Watercolour

[By Jane Blundell, Sydney Australia] Two of my life-long passions have been line and colour. Drawing is the backbone of my art works, whether Urban Sketching in pens or pencilling fine details for landscapes, portraits or botanical watercolours, line is my general starting point. But I also see the world in terms of pigments. And with watercolour we can explore not just the colour but the characteristics of the pigments as well - does it granulate? Can you lift it? Will it stain in a glaze? Will it be transparent so the pen lines can be seen?

There are so many ways to explore watercolour, so many methods to mix it, plot it out, make charts, make wheels and learn to control it. I love teaching about watercolour and colour mixing and am excited to be presenting my first Symposium Workshop in Manchester - Watercolour Your World, One Mix at a Time. We'll be looking at the most useful watercolour pigments for urban sketching and getting them set up in a palette, learning to mix and paint with them and creating sketches in wonderful harmonious triads.

I pulled out some of my colour explorations to prepare my class notes as I am planning the best way to present limited palette the triad mixing in a practical three and a half hour workshop. Lots of fun :-)