"In Matthew Brehm's workshop "Light of Lisbon," we explored 3-5 minute sketches, just focusing on light and shadows, with pencil, while standing. I was amazed at how quickly one could jot down a scene. It was a minimalist experience, all you need is a small sketchbook and a pencil. This session pulled me out of my obsession with detail, which can be fun too, but it helped me to quickly plan the overall composition and make quick decisions about what to put in and what to leave out."
Sigrid Albert [flickr]
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I could really feel the life at Rossio Square in Lisbon during Melanie Reim's workshop 'Stories of the Square.' She taught us her way of looking at people's lives and how to convey the essence of this particular place with our drawings."
Inma Serrano [blog]
Sevilla, Spain

"In his 'Line over Color' workshop by Richard Camara I found a new and liberating approach to sketching."
Annette Wenzel [flickr]
Hamm, Germany

"The 'Unfinished Business' workshop with Nina Johansson and Jose Louro was very informative and illuminating. Nina and Jose presented their information professionally but in a low key manner that made each participant look forward to their insightful critique. Through their eyes I had a much clearer view of my sketching practice. I was drawn to the workshop because we so often sketch on the fly and have to leave so much unfinished. In this workshop I was not only given permission to leave things unfinished but encouraged to see those unfinished sketches as the treasures that they are."
Stephanie Lowe [flickr]
Los Angeles, USA